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The Show Must Go On: Freddie Mercury’s Favourite Films

The new biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, which stars Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury, tells the story of the celebrated Queen singer and songwriter, who died on 24 November 1991. Mercury himself loved films, a passion that started at St Peter’s public school in India, where he loathed the games of cricket but loved the film-club nights where they showed John Gielgud and Laurence Olivier. Indeed, Freddie Mercury’s favourite films offer a revealing insight into the life of one of rock’s most theatrical frontmen.

Later, when he was a superstar, Mercury rarely slept more than four hours a night and used to stay up watching films. If ever he thought he was being too arrogant, he would say, “I’m starting to sound like Gloria Swanson,” the Hollywood star of Sunset Boulevard; one of his favourite male actors was the late Burt Reynolds.

Here is a guide to Freddie Mercury’s favourite films.

Shanghai Express (1932)

Like writer Ernest Hemingway, Freddie Mercury was a huge fan of Marlene Dietrich, and he particularly liked the film Shanghai Express, in which she delivers the memorable line: “It took more than one man to make me Shanghai Lily.” When photographer Mick Rock showed Mercury the iconic George Hurrell photograph of Dietrich, taken during filming, the band copied the pose for the shot that Rock took for the artwork of  Queen II in 1974. (more…)

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The Top 10 Rock ‘n’ Roll Jack-O’-Lanterns

There’s no better holiday to show your love for music than Halloween.

Whether you want to dress up as your favourite artist for a party, or throw a holiday bash with a spooky playlist, there are plenty of options to prove your musical devotions.

For all the artists out there, one avenue is Jack-O’-Lantern carving.

You can go with the traditional ghost, bat, or scary face… but if you’re feeling ambitious, why not carve your icon?

Here are ten pumpkins that have undergone a serious transformation for inspiration, and we want them all on our front porch:

Gene Simmons

Credit: The Pumpkin Geek

Michael Jackson

Credit: The Pumpkin Geek


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Shawn Mendes Under Pressure

Queen’s “Under Pressure” Gets Acoustic Cover From Shawn Mendes & Teddy Geiger

The Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody is right around the corner, and pop stars Shawn Mendes and Teddy Geiger seem to be as excited as the rest of us for its release.

The two have teamed up for an acoustic cover Queen’s 1981 hit “Under Pressure”, capturing the emotion that Freddie Mercury and David Bowie put into the original track.

“I am so honored to be able to support the amazing legacy of Freddie and Queen by doing a cover of one of my favorite songs, ‘Under Pressure,'” says Mendes in a statement. “It was so exciting to me to be able to do this with my close collaborator and one of my best friends, Teddy Geiger, for a cause that is very close to our hearts.”


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Record Store Day Black Friday

Recod Store Day Black Friday 2018: The Complete List + 10 Best Bets

The Black Friday edition of Record Store Day is back for another year, and the list of titles this time around are INSANE.

Starting November 23 this year, 158 titles will be exclusively released to independent record retailers across North America (quantities and availability will vary by store.)

We’ve sifted through the RSD exclusives and highlighted 10 of the must-have titles. Take a look at our selections, as well as the full list, below:


Cheap Trick collect 16 lost tracks from projects like the 1980 EP Found All the Parts, a live version of The Beatles’ “Day Tripper”, a demo of “Loser”, and more. Only 1,100 of these will be produced, so if you’re a Cheap Trick fan, don’t wait to pick this up. 


The fifth studio album by American new wave band the B-52’s features “Love Shack” and “Roam” and production from Nile Rodgers. The icing on the cake? It’s being pressed on rainbow coloured vinyl. Only 4500 units will be produced.


A special 12″ die cut single of Eric Clapton’s bonus tracks from his first-ever holiday record.  Features “A Little Bit of Christmas Love” and “You Always Hurt The One You Love”. Only 5,000 will be produced.


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costumes halloween

The Best Celebrity Music Costumes

Halloween is coming up soon, and we can’t contain our excitement! If you’re having trouble picking from all the different costumes, we’ve gathered some last-minute inspiration to get you in full Halloween mode!

Here are seven celebrities dressing up as music legends. The results don’t disappoint:

1. Cindy Crawford and her husband as Slash / Axl Rose of Guns N Roses


2. Paris Hilton as Madonna



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