Woodstock 50 Loses Venue, Seeks New Grounds

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Woodstock 50 is only two months away, and yet, the certainty of the festival still seems up in the air.

VWatkins Glen International, the venue space slated to host Woodstock 50, has backed out. “Watkins Glen International terminated the site license for Woodstock pursuant to provisions of the contract,” says a statement issued by WGI. “As such, WGI will not be hosting the Woodstock 50 Festival.”

Production company CID Entertainment also announced it would be withdrawing its participation from Woodstock 50.

According to Consequence of Sound, a statement attributed to Woodstock principal Gregory Peck states: “We are in discussions with another venue to host Woodstock 50 on August 16th—18th and look forward to sharing the new location when tickets go on sale in the coming weeks.”

Consequence of Sound also states that a large-scale event like Woodstock typically requires a minimum of 100 days to sell tickets and can legally only begin to sell them when a mass event permit has been obtained. These permits can take as long as several weeks to be approved.

As of June 11, there are 66 days until the festival is slated to begin.

Concerns were raised that Woodstock 50 was in troubled waters back in April when the initial ticket sale date came and went with no purchase options.

Here’s to hoping Woodstock 50 can rise out of the ashes and prove to be as resilient as the original festival.

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