The Top 10 Mind-Blowing Easter Eggs In Music

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With Easter happening this weekend, we went searching for Easter Eggs today.

No, not the chocolate kind wrapped in colourful foil: The ones embedded between tracks on an album, the ones you might hear playing a track backwards, or the ones played at a different speed.

Here are ten of the best ones we could find. Have any more? Add them into the comments below!

10. Weird Al gets the last laugh

On Weird Al Yankovic’s song “I Remember Larry”, if you play it backwards, you’ll hear the message:

“Wow, you must have an awful lot of free time on your hands”

Yes, Al. Yes we do.

9. Mick’s just a shout away

Merry Clayton is the female vocalist behind the chorus of The Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter.”

When Merry’s voice cracks from the intense singing, you can hear a man yelling “Woo!” to cheer her on. That’s Mick, giving Merry a boost of moral.

8. The dropped drumstick

The Kingsmen’s 1963 hit “Louie Louie” had people wondering about hidden Satanic messages because of the incoherent singing. So much so, the FBI investigated, and found nothing objectionable.

What they did miss was the drummer yelling an F-Bomb after dropping a drumstick at the 0:54 mark (before the second verse.) Oops.

7. Baking with Tool

“Dier Von Satan”, the haunting song by Tool, feels extra creepy since the lyrics are read in a slow, brooding, German voice.

But when you translate the words, it turns out to be a cookie recipe. Well played.

6. Nirvana scare the crap out of fans

If you leave Nirvana’s Nevermind on for 10 minutes after the typical album tracklist completes, you’ll find “Endless, Nameless”, a track filled with hair-raising screams and thrashing guitars. Supposedly it was recorded after a “Lithium” session went belly up.

After 10 minutes of silence, it’s enough of a shock to wake the dead.

5. Jimi Hendrix collaborates with aliens

Jimi Hendrix’s Are You Experienced album features a wickedly weird, jazzy-rock instrumental called “Third Stone From the Sun.”

If you adjust the speed of your record player, and play the song at 45RPM (usually reserved for singles), you’ll hear two aliens chatting by radio on their way to Earth. Who knows what they’re planning.

4. What did you say about my mother?

If you reverse the introduction of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Bloodbath In Paradise”, you’ll hear the message:

“Your mother sells whelks in Hull.”

A nice subtle play on the infamous The Exorcist line.

3. The continuous wall

Ever hear the “We came in” at the opening of Pink Floyd’s The Wall and wonder… what does that mean?

You might’ve noticed that the end of the last track closes with “Isn’t this where.” So when the album is played on loop, the ends connect to read “Isn’t this where / We came in”!

(Bonus: Roger Waters ends his DVD commentary for the feature film The Wall with the same message.)

2. The Beatles go to the dogs

On Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, there’s a high-frequency note on the run-out groove found on the second side of the album. It’s at such a high frequency that the human ear cant’ hear it (it clocks in at 18 kilocycles per second.)

IF you see Sparky or Wishbone’s ears perk up at this part, don’t be surprised: our canine friends can pick up this note.

1. Decoding Rush

The opening bells of Rush’s “YYZ” is actually morse code for the three letters–the Pearson International Airport’s letter code. So if you’re a pilot, and thought you heard Rush upon descending into the airport… you’re not going crazy!

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