The Wisdom of Marley

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I don’t stand for black man’s side, I don’t stand for white man’s side, I stand for God’s side.”

It’s hard to write something about Bob Marley that hasn’t already been covered in the numerous articles, essays, films, etc.

I figure that this can be more of a reflection on the mentality that we should all possibly assume, something that Bob shared with anyone that listened, or at the least, my interpretation of his ideology.

An old Rasta that I worked with named Winston once told me “to pay no mind to the minds of fools. We are all intertwined like dreadlocks. Every strand does its part to keep the unity, and strength, from the root to the tip.”

The quote I opened with, and what Winston said are married to each other.

They speak of breaking barriers because we are all one regardless of any bullshit that we may deal with in everyday life.

They both play toward the notion that we all do better if we all do better.

If we, as a race of beings, that is slowly destroying our planet can only get our shit together long enough to realize that unity is the key to love and happiness and all that other hippie bullshit, then maybe we could turn a few things around and make a move towards the positive side of things. Maybe we could stand for “God’s side”, as opposed to self-interest, and all the petty garbage that we are made to believe makes a lick of difference in our lives.

There are a fuck ton of people on this planet and far fewer are alert to the things that are actually important. And then there is the smallest margin, those that are given the opportunity in the limelight to speak their minds, maybe tickle someone’s brainwaves and pass on their higher form of consciousness. Nothing but positive movement flows from them.

I’m by no means claiming that Marley was a god or that he spoke for him, that would get us into the dark unsteady waters of discussing religion and I’m not up for the struggle today. I do however; believe that he was tapped in to something and saw where we were going as a culture/race/fungus, and tried to speak against it.

Something that at this point, as we travel further down the rabbit hole of personal disassociation and self-importance, we need more and more of

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, None but ourselves can free our minds”


Words by: Adam Nakrosius

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