’90s Nostalgia Is Alive Again With The Cardigans Vinyl Rereleases

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The Cardigans brought some of the best and brightest pop anthems in the ’90s. While songs like “Lovefool” appear bubbly on the surface, a deeper look reveals darker and heavier lyrics. The band is by no means contained to pop, with singles like “My Favourite Game” displaying a rock edge and musical sensibility rarely afforded to other Top 40 acts.

The band has released its six studio albums on remastered 180-gram vinyl, including the never-before-released on wax Emmerdale and Super Extra Gravity. Other albums include Life, First Band On the Moon, Gran Turismo, and Long Gone Before Daylight.

The Cardigans got their start in Jönköping, Sweden, coming together in 1992 when they were just teenagers. Thanks to their crossover appeal, the band has sold over 15 million albums worldwide.

Thanks to its inclusion in the blockbuster film Romeo + Juliet, The Cardigans’ “Lovefool” propelled the group to #1 on UK and US airplay charts.

In their home country of Sweden, the Cardigans amassed seven Top 40 hits and the Danish Music Award for Foreign Album of the Year for Gran Turismo in 2000.

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