‘Rocketman’ Lead Actor Taron Egerton: “It’s Not A Wikipedia Entry”

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As Rocketman’s release approaches, director Dexter Fletcher and star Taron Egerton have opened up about the movie to Rolling Stone magazine.

The “musical fantasy” biopic is loosely based off of Elton John’s rise into superstardom… but don’t expect the entire film to be historically accurate.

“Elton is all about fantasy and imagination and magic,” Fletcher tells the magazine. “We wanted to use his songs to elevate this to be more than just a biopic. We wanted to make a magical fantasy that tells the story of his life, or at least elements of his life.”

This includes a performance of “Crocodile Rock” when the movie is set in 1970, even though the song came out two years later.

Egerton will sing all the Elton songs in the movie while the soundtrack will feature one original from the singer he portrays.

“The film asks you to take an imaginative leap, as you would if you went to the theater,” says Egerton. “It’s not a Wikipedia entry.”

Rocketman is out nationwide May 31.

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