Nick Drake

Nick Drake’s 10 Best Songs

Nick Drake was born on this day in 1948.

The singer is known for his emotional acoustic songs like “Pink Moon”. The track was featured in a Volkswagen commercial in 1999 that helped bring it to the attention of a new generation.

Drake tragically passed away at the age of 26 from an overdose of approximately 30 amitriptyline pills. This was ruled as a suicide.

In honour of his memory, we’re looking at 10 of his most prolific songs:

10. “Day Is Done”

9. “Milk & Honey”


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Bob Marley

Who Said It: Bob Marley Or Bob Dylan?

It’s the Battle of the Bobs.

Both Bob Marley and Bob Dylan had a significant impact on the music world, with the power of their poetry at the forefront.

There have been countless times the words of Dylan and Marley have impacted our lives for the better.

We’re looking at ten quotes said by both artists. Can you guess which of the two said what?

Mark your responses and see the correct answers at the bottom!

Screen Shot 2016-11-25 at 3.26.11 PM


1. “All I can do is be me, whoever that is.”

a) Bob Marley
b) Bob Dylan

2. “He not busy being born is busy dying.”

a) Bob Marley
b) Bob Dylan


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The Top 20 Telephone Anthems

The telephone was patented this week in 1876 by none other than Canadian innovator Alexander Graham Bell.

Thanks to this nifty little invention, music fans have been able to do so much more. Things like calling our loved ones about new records being released, order concert tickets remotely, and even take our music on-the-go with us… it’s been an incredible 141 years since!

Bell’s contribution to society has also affected the way musicians write songs: once distant lovers can now be reached on a whim (or they can ignore voicemails much easier…)

Even as phones have become smaller, more portable, and closer to our hip than ever, it still continues to be a focal point in many lyrics.

Phones have inspired many countless hits, and we’re counting down our Top 20 landline anthems!

Blondie – Call Me

Todd Rundgren – Hello It’s Me

The Beatles – Hello, Goodbye


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