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Did You Know Robert Plant Opened Up For Dee Snider?

It’s true… well, kind of.

During an episode of Dee Snider Radio, guest Robert Plant sparked Snider’s memory of a funny incident that happened with the two rock stars.

Both parties had been invited to Phil Carson’s (a former Atlantic Records executive who managed the Twisted Sister frontman) son’s wedding on April 17, 1998.

When walking into the wedding reception, Snider saw a live band performing, and vowed with Plant that they would not get up on stage to perform. They both HATED singing at weddings. Their plan was to escape the reception and go after being noticed without getting behind the mic.


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Robert Plant and Iggy Pop Recall First Time Watching The Who Perform Live

Have you ever had a chance to see The Who perform live? The band is inviting you, for a very reasonable price, to watch them like never before. The legendary British Rock band is releasing a concert movie of their  50th anniversary performance recorded live in London’s iconic Hyde Park.

In a recently released excerpt from the film ‘The Who In Hyde Park,’ Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant and The Stooges’ Iggy Pop remember each’s first time watching The Who perform live:

The concert movie features a definitive set list of all The Who’s classic and greatest hits, as well as on a journey though their entire music career from classic albums up to present day successes. The exclusive cinema features include interviews with band members Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend speaking of how it felt to play in Hyde Park. In addition to Robert Plant and Iggy Pop’s comments, the film also includes contributions from Johnny Marr, and more, explaining how admired and inspiring the band was.

Be sure to clear your schedules for October 7th.


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Happy Birthday, Robert Plant

We say Happy 67th birthday to Robert Plant! Robert continues to perform with his band, The Sensational Shape Shifters to this day but this week we also had a further ‘Celebration Day’ with the 46th anniversary of Led Zeppelin playing 2 shows at the Rockpile in Toronto on August 18th of 1969.

The band played the venue twice, appearing earlier on February 2nd of the same year and returning for a third visit to Toronto on the second of November.

To take you back, here is a Vine of some of the original photos and material from a special edition of the tour program from back in 1969!

Robert Plant is one of the most significant and influential rock singers of all time. The MusicVaultz Team salutes you!

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