The 10 Spookiest Songs For Halloween

What are you doing for Halloween this year?

If you’re planning to host, you’re going to need a solid playlist to keep your guests entertained!

We’ve taken the liberty and started with our ten favourite classic Halloween tracks. From the spooky to the undead, we’ve gathered our picks of what we think makes Halloween such a fantastic time of year.

Any suggestions for our list? Let us know in the comments below!

Michael Jackson – “Thriller”

AC/DC – “Highway To Hell”


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Vinnie Paul

Vinnie Paul’s Cause Of Death Revealed

Vinnie Paul, drummer of Pantera, died of natural causes, according to the Clark County Coroner.

The musician died in his sleep at his Las Vegas house on June 22. He was 54.

TMZ reports the cause of death was “”dilated cardiomyopathy”, also known as an enlarged heart.

The report also states Paul suffered from “severe coronary artery disease.”

Paul will be buried in a Kiss-themed Kasket (a gift from the band) in Texas alongside his brother “Dimebag Darrell”, Darrell Abbott.

Paul’s estate will be split among friends, his girlfriend, tour manager, drum technician, and producer.

Pantera’s official Twitter account has asked that the public continue to respect the band’s privacy in the wake of the revelation.


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Banned Music Videos

10 Music Videos That Have Been Banned

It’s no secret that rock stars push the envelope when it comes to music videos. But for some broadcasters, that envelope has been pushed too far.

From Motorhead to Madonna, videos of a violent, sexual, or even anti-corporation nature have gotten the boot by networks like BBC and MTV.

Here are the 10 most controversial music videos that have been banned in the past (and thanks to the Internet, we can relive again!)

“Dead End Street” by the Kinks

This video was the first one banned by the BBC. Back in 1966, the Kinks’ music video showed the band as pallbearers, where a corpse comes back to life and jumps out of a coffin. The network deemed it “tasteless.” If only they knew what was to come…

“Girls on Film” by Duran Duran

Duran Duran’s 1981 video contained a mud-wrestling scene that had to be edited out in order to get played on MTV. An edited version had to be aired instead, but thanks to the magic of the Internet, the original vision lives on.


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Iron Maiden To Get Their Own Pinball Machine

Iron Maiden fans are going to flip at the latest addition to the band’s merch line.

The metal band will be featured in a new pinball machine produced by Stern Pinball Inc.

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast features many of the band’s well-known symbols, including pyramids, ghosts, and the Union Jack.

“Players will immerse themselves in an interactive Iron Maiden universe transforming into various forms of Eddie, the band’s legendary mascot,” says a statement from Stern. “Players, as Eddie, will embark on a quest to defeat the Beast and his minions across the Legacy of the Beast mobile game and comic book world.”


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