Stolen John Lennon Items Found 10 Years After Theft

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A hundred items stolen from John Lennon‘s estate, including diaries, a cigarette case, and Lennon’s signature glasses, have been recovered.

The items were found in Germany. Authorities have arrested a 58-year-old man in Berlin on suspicion of fraud and handling stolen goods, with a second suspect in Turkey “unattainable” at the “present time”, says the prosecutor’s office.

The collection of goods that would make a museum jealous were stolen from Yoko Ono in New York back in 2006. The items first came on authorities’ radar three years ago when an auction house bankruptcy administrator contacted them about the authenticity. They were confiscated two weeks later, and will be held as the investigation continues.

The value of the Beatle’s merchandise is bar-none in the music world: even a John Lennon tooth sold for $31,000 in 2011. His Gibson J-160E guitar used to record “Please Please Me” sold for $2.41 million.

Take a look at one of the confiscated pairs of glasses seized in the recovery below during a press conference:


Can you imagine what the whole lot of items might be worth? Let us know in the comments below!

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