The Tragically Hip Quiz

  • The title of the new album Man Machine Poem is taken from:

    • The 1978 Kraftwerk album of the same name
    • Pink Floyd’s ‘Welcome To The Machine’
    • Expo 67’s Man and His World
    • A song on Now For Plan A
  • Man Machine Poem is produced by:

    • Self-produced by The Tragically Hip
    • Bob Rock
    • Kevin Drew & Dave Hamelin
    • Chris Tsangarides
  • Identify the correct song title from Man Machine Poem: "Sometimes in life you just get….."

    • Tired As Fuck
    • My Music@Work
    • No Threat
    • Fireworks
  • Over the years, the Hip have been connected to several sporting events. Which one did they not perform at?

    • The World Cup of Hockey
    • Salt Lake Olympics
    • The Grey Cup
    • NHL Season Opener
  • What is a 50 Mission Cap?

    • A service award cap given to public employees 50 years of public service
    • The song was influenced by an early gig after show party in Mission B.C. with several cases of Labatt 50 in the room
    • It signified the last 50 games Bill Barilko played for the NHL before he went missing
    • World War II Allied Air Force Officer’s cap
  • The Hip curated festivals in '93, '95, & '97 called Another Roadside Attraction where they brought along some of their favourite bands to play. Which act did not appear?

    • Midnight Oil
    • Blues Traveller
    • Matthew Good Band
    • Pere Ubu
  • Where is the Hundreth Meridian?

    • A condo building located at University and Bloor in Toronto
    • Along the former DEW line in the Northwest Territories
    • The line of longitude that separates Western Canada from the Central and Atlantic Regions
    • The Geographical line that is 100 degrees west of Grenwich starting at the North Pole extending to the South Pole
  • “Little Bones” was released in 1991. The lyric goes “2.50 for a hi-ball and buck and a half for a beer”. Taking inflation into account, how much would that be in 2016?

    • $7.50 Highball; $6.00 beer
    • $5.00 Highball; $3.00 beer
    • $15.00 Highball; $10.00 beer
    • $10.50 Highball; $8.00 beer
  • ‘Coffee Girl’ is from which Tragically Hip Album?

    • Phantom Power
    • In Violet Light
    • Now For Plan A
    • We Are The Same
  • ‘Courage’ (for Hugh Maclennan) was inspired by which one of the iconic Canadian Authors books?

    • The Watch That Ends The Night
    • Two Solitudes
    • Each Man's Son
    • Voices In Time
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