How Well Do You Know Bon Jovi?

Huge Bon Jovi fan? Prove it.

  • Before they decided on using John's last name for the band name, Bon Jovi went as...

    • Black Poison
    • Johnny Electric
    • The Faults
    • Jersey Turnpike
  • Which two members are no longer in Bon Jovi?

    • Alec John Such & RIchie Sambora
    • Phil X & Hugh McDonald
    • David Bryan & Tico Torres
    • Brian Bongiovi & Zachary Sanders
  • Which song does NOT feature on Slippery When Wet?

    • "You Give Love a Bad Name"
    • "Livin' on a Prayer"
    • "Wanted Dead or Alive"
    • "Bad Medicine"
  • The name of Bon Jovi's most recent album, released in 2016, is...

    • This House Is Not For Sale
    • Burning Bridges
    • What About Now
    • Bon Jovi
  • Jon Bon Jovi has appeared in several movies. Which one of these has he NOT been in?

    • Young Guns II
    • Moonlight And Valentino
    • Valentine's Day
    • Pay It Forward
  • Bon Jovi has never had a #1 hit in the UK. Their song to hit #2 was...

    • "Born to Be My Baby"
    • "You Give Love A Bad Name"
    • "It's My Life"
    • "Always"
  • But they've had multiple #1s in the U.S.! Which song DID NOT top the charts?

    • "You Give Love a Bad Name"
    • "Livin' on a Prayer"
    • "Bad Medicine"
    • "Bed of Roses"
  • Which prolific singer has Jon Bon Jovi said he is blood related to?

    • Eddie Vedder
    • Frank Sinatra
    • Bing Crosby
    • Buddy Holly
  • Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora produced the self-titled '80s album by what act?

    • Whitney Houston
    • Heart
    • Cher
    • Lionel Richie
  • Which act almost released "You Give Love a Bad Name" before Bon Jovi decided to keep it?

    • Loverboy
    • Triumph
    • Rick Springfield
    • Pat Benetar
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