How Well Do You Remember These Lyrics From 1978?

  • Blondie's "Heart of Glass": "Once I had a love and it was divine..."

    • "Soon found out I was losing my mind"
    • "What I find is pleasing and I'm feeling fine"
    • "And that's where I had to draw the line"
    • "And in the sky, I saw a sign"
  • Foreigner's "Hot Blooded": "You don't have to read my mind, to know what I have in mind..."

    • "I'm sweating to see you again"
    • "Do you feel I've got you on my mind?"
    • "You've got me worked into overdrive"
    • "Honey you oughta know"
  • Frankie Valli's "Grease": "Grease is the time, is the place, is the motion..."

    • "You cannot fight the commotion"
    • "Sandy and Danny forever"
    • "Grease is the way we are feeling"
    • "Summer is here for the season"
  • Billy Joel's "My Life": "I never said you had to offer me a second chance..."

    • "I never said I was a victim of circumstance"
    • "But it's you that keeps that strut in my step"
    • "Do what you have to do, no regrets"
    • "But I've always hoped that you would come back"
  • Van Halen's "Running With The Devil": "I got no love, no love you'd call real..."

    • "Owner of a heart, a heart you can't steal"
    • "Would you still let me in?"
    • "Ain't got nobody, waitin' at home"
    • "So what do I have to do to seal the deal?"
  • Elvis Costello and the Attractions' "Pump It Up": "Out in the fashion show..."

    • "Blow the audience a kiss"
    • "Down in the bargain bin"
    • "Shoes higher than skyscrapers"
    • "You'll never accept a no"
  • Dire Straits' "Sultans of Swing": "South of the river you stop and you hold everything..."

    • "Take a drink of water and look around"
    • "A band is blowing Dixie, double four time"
    • "North is the last place you need to go"
    • "Illinois, a place you never learned to love"
  • The Police's "Roxanne": "I loved you since I knew ya..."

    • "I knew ya since I loved you"
    • "In the darkness or the day"
    • "Your bad side looks good to me"
    • "I wouldn't talk down to ya"
  • Andy Gibb's "Shadow Dancing": "You got me looking at that heaven in your eyes..."

    • "I was chasing your direction"
    • "Tell me I'm not mistaken"
    • "The light took me by surprise"
    • "The angels dancing behind your stare"
  • The Rolling Stones' "Miss You": "I've been holding out so long..."

    • "I don't know where I went wrong"
    • "I keep singing the same old song"
    • "But you won't give me a sign"
    • "I've been sleeping all alone"
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