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Answer these questions to find out which Beatle you share the most in common with!

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ACheck your phone
BBrush your teeth
CHit snooze and go back to bed
AStretch limousine
CVolkswagen van
DSports Car
AHit the panic button
BTurn the radio up
CFlip off the bad drivers
DTake a deep breath and relax
AWatch a football game
BFind a pub and grab a pint
CVisit art museums
DWalk around and take in the sights
AA detective novel
BA music magazine
CA self-help guide
DToday's newspaper
AThe London Eye
BThe Tower of London
CBig Ben
DBuckingham Palace
AHit up a vegan restaurant
BGrab a slice of pizza
CCheck out the city's finest dining
DGo for Indian food
ADrive all the way back home
BPull an all-nighter
CFind a campground and sleep in a tent
DRecline the driver's seat and snooze in the car
AA Hard Day's Night
BYellow Submarine
CThe White Album
DAbbey Road
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