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AMaple Leaf Gardens
BMolson Amphitheatre
CDownsview Park
DAir Canada Centre
AWMMS Cleveland
BCFNY Toronto
CWBCN Boston
DWRIF Chicago
ALakeside Park
BThe Garden
CDistant Early Warning
ARust 40
BRuff 40
CRash 40
DArf 40
ADave Grohl
BJimmy Page
CBen Mink
DJean Luc Ponty
ATulsa and Los Angeles
BSt. Louis and Seattle
CToronto and Las Vegas
DBuffalo and Phoenix
AHeadlong Flight
BRoll The Bones
DNatural Science
BWorking Man
CClockwork Angels
DJacob's Ladder
ACygnus X1/The Story so Far
CTom Sawyer
DThe Anarchist
AA small recording studio
BA fictional high school gymnasium
CRe-creation of the Picadilly Tube pub where the band played in the early days
DThe Agora Theatre
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