Quiz BG

ACharles Manson
BJack the Ripper
CPaul John Knowles
DTed Bundy
AA pyrotechnic accident
BA drunk drive speeding through festival grounds
CA Category 5 hurricane
DWhen a power line fell on their bus
BGoldenEye 007
CDoom II
AElton John
BJohn Lennon
CEric Clapton
DFreddie Mercury
ASick Sick Sick
BThe Industrial Nation
CAmerica Underwater
DIt was always to be called Pretty Hate Machine
BStudio engineer
CCleaning toilets
DDelivery guy
AWhat song they wanted to play
BUsing a photo of George W. Bush as a backdrop
CTrent Reznor refusing to censor his lyrics
DThe excessive use of fake blood
AStrobe Light
BDance To Your Death
AHead Like A Hole
CHappiness is Slavery
DThe Hand That Feeds
AThe Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
BGone Girl
CThe Social Network
DZero Dark Thirty
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