Primus In 20 Songs

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Primus was once declared “quite possibly the strangest top-10 band ever, and good for them” by music critic Robert Christgau.

The San Francisco-based group definitely has its quirks that appeal to a very niche audience. While most people might recognize them as the band behind the South Park television show theme song, the reality is the band has a much deeper history.

Started in 1984, the band has transitioned through new members and multiple hiatuses, but as of 2018, they continue to rock.

Here are 20 of the most essential Primus songs:

20. “Harold of the Rocks”

19. “Bob”

18. “DMV”

17. “American Life”

16. “The Toys Go Winding Down”

15. “Frizzle Fry”

14. “Mr. Knowitall”

13. “Lacquer Head”

12. “Too Many Puppies”

11. “Tragedy’s a’Comin'”

10. “Making Plans For Nigel”

9. “John The Fisherman”

8. “Shake Hands With Beef”

7. “Mr. Krinkle”

6. “The Seven”

5. “Tommy The Cat”

4. “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver”

3. “John The Fisherman”

2. “My Name Is Mud”

1. “Jerry Was A Race Car Driver”

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