The Tragically Hip Say Farewell With Final Concert In Kingston

One year ago, on August 20, The Tragically Hip brought Canada together like no other band has before.

From coast to coast, viewers caught a live broadcast via CBC to see the icons play one final show.

Here’s our recap of the event:

First things first–We made our own RSVP to the event (and brushed up on our dance moves!) prior to the big show:

While most of the nation was getting ready to tune in, a lucky bunch got to witness the concert unfold live:

A few of the folks on the way to tonight's show in Kingston. #ahipfanphoto #manmachinepoemtour #HipInKingston #cbcthehip

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10 Bands Who Have Played High Schools

We have some fond memories of high school, but nothing involving legends playing our gymnasiums.

But back in the day, it could be commonplace for artists to play high schools when building their fanbase.

“The story goes that Max Webster played every bar in Toronto and nearly every high school in Ontario in the mid 70s before breaking into the theatres and arenas.” – Max Webster’s bio

Here are 10 artists that have played high schools (yes, including the undisputed kings, Max Webster!)

The Doors

Danbury High School
Danbury, Connecticut – 17 October 1967

Led Zeppelin

Eric Hamber Secondary School
Vancouver, Ontario – May 21, 1970

(Just kidding! Although this was a popular urban legend around Vancouver. Read about it on CBC by clickinghere.)

led-zepp (more…)

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Total Eclipse Of The Heart

Bonnie Tyler Will Perform “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” During An Actual Eclipse

The stars will align in the most magical way possible: Bonnie Tyler will sing her 1983 classic “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” during an actual eclipse.

The event will take place on board a Royal Caribbean International cruise ship positioned to catch the eclipse at the most opportune moment. The ship will set sail on August 20 from Orlando, visiting eastern Carribean destinations.

It’s a match made in heaven, but surprisingly, it will be the first time Tyler performs the song during an actual eclipse.

“It’s going to be so exciting,” Tyler told Time Magazine. “It doesn’t happen very often, does it?”


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Carpool Karaoke

Metallica’s Carpool Karaoke Is Here & It’s Hilarious

Metallica crammed themselves into a car with comedian Billy Eichner on the latest edition of Carpool Karaoke, and the results are hilarious.

The rock legends played a round of ‘Metal Have I Ever’, a twist on the classic game of truth-telling. The members got quizzed on sending naughty pics (one of them has!), affinity for Disney movies, and Dawson’s Creek theme songs.

Watch the preview clip below:

“This was the best day ever,” said Eichner when appearing on The Late Late Show With James Corden. “I was very nervous about it because it’s Metallica. We don’t have a lot of overlap in life, me and Metallica… I grew up watching them on MTV. But when you meet them they’re still rock stars for sure, but they’re also dads… we had the greatest time.” (more…)

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