10 Rock Stars Made Into Action Figures

Sometimes, your love of an artist extends past the music.

Sometimes, it goes so deep that you need a version of them in your home. A smaller, waxier replica to prove your fandom.

Marvel is releasing a set of classic hip-hop albums with updated album art featuring titular comic characters. And it got us to think about other collectibles…

Today, we’re looking at ten rock stars that got turned into action figures.

Whether you’re a collector or not, these figurines are pretty cool, and there’s a ton of attention to detail to “marvel” at.

Take a look below, along with the Marvel-ified rereleases below:

10. Wendy O. Williams

9. Dimebag Darrell

(via Knucklebonz)


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Leonard Cohen

Remembering Leonard Cohen Two Years After His Death

November 7, 2018 marks the two-year anniversary since we lost singer-songwriter icon, Leonard Cohen.

Leonard Cohen was born in Montreal in 1934 and later attended McGill University where he met other writers such as Hugh MacLennan and Irving Layton.

Before graduation, he published his first book of poems, Let Us Compare Mythologies (1956). This was followed by The Spice-box of Earth (1961) and a novel, The Favourite Game (1963).

He travelled and lived in Greece, New York, Montreal and California and continued to write. His most popular novel, Beautiful Losers (1966), was controversial with its mixture of history, religion and sexuality. At about this time Cohen also began to write and sing his own songs and make recordings. His first album, Songs of Leonard Cohen, was released in 1967. His music caught on, with popular songs like “Suzanne,” “The Partisan” and “Bird on a Wire.”

In 1984, Cohen released “Hallelujah”. The song had limited initial success but found greater popularity through a 1991 cover by John Cale, which was then covered by Jeff Buckley. “Hallelujah” is one of the most covered songs of all-time, and has been performed by almost 200 artists in various languages.


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KISS Late Late Show James Corden

James Corden’s Old Man Version Of KISS Classic Is Hilarious

James Corden feels right at home as a member of Kiss.

The Late Late Show host performed a parody rendition of “Rock and Roll All Nite”, joined by the band members themselves. He sported a black wig in ponytails and the signature white makeup.

Hilarious lyric changes include:

“More than two drinks is a big mistake/ Can’t fall asleep and get the worst headache/ I got work tomorrow, let’s not get crazy.”


“I wanna go out to the beach/ And just go up to my waist!” (more…)

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Bon Jovi Christmas Songs

20 Holiday Songs That Don’t Suck

Here it comes: the onslaught of Christmas and winter songs that won’t let up on our ear drums.

It can be a lot to deal with during the holiday season. The gift shopping in crowded malls, the winter traffic, and the elevator music tunes that assault from every corner.

Luckily, some of our favourite artists have taken it upon themselves to deliver original holiday songs that don’t suck, or provide a fresh coat of paint.

Here are the 20 best Christmas songs for you to actually enjoy:

Eric Clapton – “For Love On Christmas Day”

John Lennon – “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)”

Chuck Berry – “Run Rudolph Run”


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beatles white album

50 Facts About The Beatles’ ‘The White Album’

The Beatles will be rereleasing The White Album for its 50th anniversary on November 9, and what better way to celebrate than with 50 facts about this landmark album?

1. Which song on The White Album marks Ringo’s first solo songwriting credit on a Beatles album? “Don’t Pass Me By.”

2. The “Esher Demos” were recorded in George Harrison’s house in Esher, Surrey.

3. “The White Album” was the first Beatles album released on the band’s Apple Records label.

4. “Revolution 9” is the longest Beatles song ever, clocking in at 8:22.

5. The minimalist artwork for “The White Album” was created by artist Richard Hamilton, one of Britain’s leading figures in the creation and rise of pop art. (more…)

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