MusicVaultz Fast Five: Etta James

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“You can’t fake this music. You might be a great singer or a great musician but, in the need, that’s got nothing to do with it. It’s how you connect to the songs and to the history behind them”

Etta James, who was born on this day in 1938. Etta James is a blues legend like no other. That girl, that story, that voice! Let’s remember her today with five of her greatest songs – some signature, some brilliant interpretations – Etta was just the best. Rest in peace.

Tell Mama
From: Tell Mama

Her biggest pop hit is also one of her best, but too bad Etta hated it! Recorded after an isolation period, it was a career booster and now a classic.

I’d Rather Go Blind
From: Tell Mama

Now a blues classic, this track was recorded in 1967 by Etta and released in 1968 as the b-side to Tell Mama. Both emotional and poetic, Etta fills it with her raw vocals making it unforgettable.

Something’s Got a Hold On Me
From: Etta James

Soul, blues and gospel get thrown together to wonderful results in this track. It’s Etta at her finest vocally and was another R&B hit for her in the early 60s.

A Sunday Kind of Love
From: At Last

Although not a single, it’s still one of Etta’s most remembered songs. It was even sung by Alicia Keys and Bonnie Raitt to honour Etta at The 2012 Grammys following her death.

At Last
From: At Last

Although originally recorded by Glenn Miller for a film no one cares about, it’s Etta’s signature song. Millions of years from now, Etta will be remember for the emotion she evokes when she tells us, “You are mine. At last.”

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