Marvin Gaye’s Lost Album Gets A Release Date

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A lost Marvin Gaye album, set to follow his landmark 1971 What’s Going On release, will be released later this year.

Motown made the announcement that You’re The Man will feature a collection of Gaye’s recordings from 1972. The album is out March 29.

The label has also released “My Last Chance”, which was mixed by Salaam Remi.

Listen to it below:

The album will consist of 17 tracks, with “You’re The Man” being the only track released at the time. 15 of the 17 tracks will be making their vinyl debut.

Tracks include Gaye’s rare long version of a cancelled Christmas single and an unreleased mix of its B-Side. Songs from the album have appeared on various CD releases over the years, but 15 of the 17 tracks are making their vinyl debut.

You’re The Man‘s liner notes will be written by biographer David Ritz and will include a double-vinyl version.

Take a look at the track list below:

Side 1

1. You’re The Man 5:45

2. The World Is Rated X 3:50

3. Piece of Clay 5:10

4. Where Are We Going? 3:53

Side 2

1. I’m Gonna Give You Respect 2:55

2. Try It, You’ll Like It 3:55

3. You Are That Special One 3:35

4. We Can Make It Baby 3:20

Side 3

1. My Last Chance 3:40

2. Symphony 2:52

3. I’d Give My Life For You 3:31

4. Woman of the World* 3:30

5. Christmas In the City (instrumental) 3:48

Side 4

1. You’re The Man Version 2 4:40

2. I Want to Come Home For Christmas 4:48

3. I’m Going Home (Move) 4:38

4. Checking Out (Double Clutch) 4:50

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