A Man Of 150 Hits: The Genius Of George Jones

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George Jones‘ name does not get thrown around when music legends are brought up, but his track record shows he flew under the radar when it comes to chart-topping success.

Perhaps it is because he fully immersed himself in the country genre, but his influence outside

Over his career, George notched 150 hits as a soloist and in duets.

Country music scholar Bill C. Malone writes, “For the two or three minutes consumed by a song, Jones immerses himself so completely in its lyrics, and in the mood it conveys, that the listener can scarcely avoid becoming similarly involved.”

Working with a diverse range of artists like Keith Richards, Alan Jackson, Harry Connick Jr., Merle Haggard and more, Jones constantly challenged himself to outdo previous efforts and build on his success.

Jones struggled with alcoholism and would frequently miss concerts, earning him the nickname “No Show Jones.” Regardless of personal problems he was facing, he churned out charting songs from 1954 to 2002.

He died on April 26, 2013, from hypoxic respiratory failure at the age of 81. Jones’ legacy in the country music world will never be matched.

Here are a handful of his big hits:

“White Lightning”

“She Thinks I Still Care”

“The Door”

“I Always Get Lucky With You”

“I Don’t Need Your Rockin’ Chair”

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