Over 1.4 Million Canadians Tuned In For The Premiere Of Jann Arden’s New Comedy

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Huge congratulations are in order for Jann Arden.

The Canadian singer-songwriter had over 1.4 million viewers tune in to the premiere episode of Jann, making it the most watched Canadian comedy of the year.

Including digital streaming and on-demand services, the episode reached over 2.8 million Canadians.

The show stars Arden as a musician past her prime, hoping to make a comeback of sorts. The series is far from a biography–the television version of Jann is self-centered, reckless, and will do anything for another taste of the spotlight.

“I don’t particularly like TV Jann that much; she’s narcissistic and she doesn’t really care what other people think,” says Arden in an interview with NOW Magazine. “She doesn’t care that her actions are hurting people’s feelings. She doesn’t understand her sister is completely overwhelmed. It was more interesting to play that.”

Episode two, “Go with the Flowga” airs tonight (March 27) at 8:30 p.m. ET on CTV, CTV.ca, the CTV App, and Crave.

Here’s what to expect on tonight’s episode:

Jann (Jann Arden) is recording a “We Are the World”-style charity song about empowering young women. But when she learns she has merely a small part in the chorus of the single, with her voice drowned out by other singers, Jann demands a full solo part in the song. And she doesn’t care which of her managers, new or old, helps her get it!

Praise has been unanimously high across the board, with glowing reviews pouring in on Twitter:


The first season of Jann has six episodes, with Arden telling NOW Magazine she is “99 per cent positive” it will be picked up for a second season.

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