A 96-Year-Old Song Is Charting Thanks To This Yodeling Boy

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Hank Williams‘ country classic “Lovesick Blues” is proving to be a Spotify sensation 96 years after its release. And it’s all thanks to a viral video featuring a yodeling boy.

11-year-old Mason Ramsey was filmed yodeling the track at a Walmart in Illinois, and the clip spread across the Internet like wildfire, spawning memes, remixes, and parody videos. The original posting on Twitter has amassed over 20 million views.

Williams’ version has reached a peak of #22 on the streaming service. During its initial run kicking off in 1922, it hit #4.

“Lovesick Blues” was the track that skyrocketed Williams to fame, and could prove to do the same for Ramsey: the young yodeler has appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show, and is set to play The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville.

Watch the clip of Ramsey performing below, and take a listen to Hank Williams’ original version:

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