Last-Minute Music Halloween Costumes

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If you get super excited for Halloween, and then completely forget to get a costume together… you’re not alone.

We also had trouble whipping together something incredible for October 31.

We’ve collectively assembled some ideas and are sharing our brainstorm with you–just because time is minimal doesn’t mean your get-up has to suffer.

Here are five costume ideas for the fellow procrastinators:


David Bowie As Aladdin Sane

Essential Items:

– Lightning Bolt on Face

Suggested Items:

– Colourful Blazer
– Red wig cut into shape
– Platform shoes

How to:

Paint a red lighting bolt on your face and frame the left side of the bolt with a blue shadow.

That is the only major piece to become Aladdin Sane–to complete the look, try to get as much glitter in your outfit as possible. If you can’t find a one-piece outfit, a suit blazer will do the trick. The more colour the better–for consistency, try staying within the blues and reds of the bolt.

A red wig and platform shoes will only electrify the look more, so if you can find these items, give it a go!


Bruce Springsteen

Essential Items:

– Red Bandana
– Denim jacket or vest

Suggested Items:

– Tight blue jeans
– Guitar
– Curly brown wig
– American Flag Bandana

How to:

Become reborn in the USA as Bruce Springsteen with a couple key pieces: a red bandana around the forehead and a jean vest.

Complete the look with tight blue jeans, Springsteen’s signature locks and an american flag bandana hanging out one of your back pockets. Oh, and if you have a guitar handy, this will ensure other Halloweeners will recognize you.



Essential Items:

– Adidas Track Jacket
– Black bucket hat (Bonus points for Kangol)
– Giant gold chain

Suggested Items:

– Sunglasses
– Adidas Track Pants
– Boombox

How to:

It’s a pretty straightforward look–just get dressed up in our essential items and you’re good to go!

A pair of black thick-rimmed sunglasses, a vintage boombox, and matching track pants will drive it home if you have some extra budget to spare.

Draw on some facial hair of your favourite member and… voila!


“Bed Peace” John Lennon

Essential Items:

– Pyjamas
– Signature glasses
– Bed piece sign
– John Lennon wig

Suggested Items:

– White Rose

How to:

Wear any light coloured pyjamas, a flowing brunette wig, circular glasses and a BED PEACE sign and nobody will mistake your costume.

If you want to draw on some facial hair, hold a singular white rose, or find your Yoko Ono to make it a couples costume, this will only heighten the sense of nostalgia.


Angus Young of AC/DC

Essential Items:

– Dress shirt
– Suit jacket
– Tie
– Shorts
– Ball cap

Suggested Items:

– Sneakers
– Guitar

How to:

While Angus is our longest list of essential items, they’re probably all items you have, and don’t need to be colour specific.

Just make sure your dress shirt is lighter than the suit jacket and your hat is as ragged as possible. Bonus points if the shorts are cutoff jeans/pants.

Are you dressing up this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!

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