Five Takeaways From ‘Rocketman’

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Rocketman is the musical movie event of the year, and audiences aren’t leaving disappointed.

The “musical fantasy” film currently holds a 90% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and audiences are enjoying it in equal measure:

We’ve had a chance to see the film. Here are five key takeaways:

It’s Elton’s music, but not as you remember it

Elton John’s songs are featured throughout Rocketman as musical numbers that pertain to the plot. Actor Taron Egerton takes on the singing too–he does an incredible job, but fans looking forward to the studio version might be shocked to hear a new take.

The movie digs deep into the emotional moments

Fans were skeptical that the movie might gloss over some of Elton’s more troubling times–coming out as a homosexual, dealing with alcohol and drug addiction, his family tensions–but you’ll find all of them in Rocketman, and they’re all central to the plot.

Egerton shines as Elton

After watching Rocketman, we can’t imagine anybody else playing Taron Egerton. The two met while on the set of the second Kingsman movie, and developed a chemistry. Between the vocals, the physicality, and the emotional range, Egerton truly shines.

The soundtrack is full of Elton hits

…Including a brand new song by John and Taron Egerton, penned by Bernie Taupin: “(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again”!
Aside from that, “The Bitch Is Back”, “Tiny Dancer”, “Crocodile Rock” and more.

The film is NOT a biopic

As much as the events of Rocketman are based on Elton’s life, it isn’t a historically accurate portrayal: the creators took liberty with the order of events, and no, Elton didn’t actually suspend gravity when playing the Troubadour.

Watch the trailer for Rocketman above. The movie is in theatres across Canada on May 31.

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