Crosby, Stills and Nash: Done For Good?

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For the foreseeable future, it looks like Crosby, Stills and Nash won’t be reuniting.

Speaking to Dutch magazine Lust For Life, Graham Nash said he and David Crosby haven’t been on the same page for two years.

Translated from the Dutch original, “It’s the first time I’ve said this out loud, but this is the way it is. You asked me if there is more CSN? Well, my answer is no and that is very sad because we were pretty good but I’m currently not fond of David Crosby. He treated me horrible the last two years. Really, really awful.

“I’ve been there for him for forty five years to save his fucking ass but he treats me like dirt. You can’t do that to me. You can do it for a day or so, until I think you’re coming around but if you keep going and I keep getting nasty e-mails, then I’m done. Fuck you.

“David has ripped the heart out of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.”

(Neil Young has previously said he would never tour with CSN again, so cut that name from the list too.)

After eight studio albums together as CSN and four duo albums, it’s a shame their personalities continue to clash.

What do you think? Will another Crosby, Stills and Nash tour EVER happen?

Relive the better times with a look at their VH1 Legends documentary below:

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