Wonderful Crazy Night Album Super Deluxe Box SetElton John

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Format: Vinyl + CD

Includes 2CDs (featuring 4 bonus tracks), and the Wonderful Crazy Night LP.

Also included is a stunning, 20-page, oversized, super-glossy photo magazine featuring a portfolio of specially commissioned Juergen Teller photographs of Elton, along with lyrics and gorgeous studio photography.

Track list:

1. Wonderful Crazy Night
2. In The Name Of You
3. Claw Hammer
4. Blue Wonderful
5. I've Got 2 Wings
6. A Good Heart
7. Looking Up
8. Guilty Pleasure
9. Tambourine
10. The Open Chord

Disc Two

1. Free And Easy
2. Children's Song
3. No Monsters
4. England And America