Transmission (Red Vinyl)The Tea Party

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Release date: March 17th, 2017

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Format: Vinyl LP

The first vinyl release for The Tea Party ‘Transmission’ pressed on Red vinyl.

In 1997, Canadian rockers The Tea Party released their fourth studio LP Transmission, which went on to reach double platinum status in the country, hit No. 3 on the Canadian charts and earn the band a Juno nomination.

The album contained the following singles "Temptation", "Babylon", “Psychopump”, Gyrsoscope” and "Release", and all of the profits from the release of this single were donated to the White Ribbon Campaign! Also, an edited version of the song "Temptation", as well as an instrumental version of "Babylon", can be found on the PlayStation game Road Rash 3D, from the same year!

Twenty years on from its release, the band are currently touring in support of this anniversary with 30+ dates! Aptly named “20 Years Of Transmissions Tour’ (#tx20) will see the band perform Transmission in its entirety. Following the front-to-back album performance, The Tea Party will play a selection of their greatest hits. The tour started Feb 03 and will run through April with dates posted on the band’s website (

Contradictory as it sounds, The Tea Party conjures ancient musical sounds while embracing technology. In their world, ouds and tambouras are as crucial to the mix as computer consoles and guitar pedals. As a result, the Eastern vibe snaking through virtually every song--which they came by honestly, having travelled extensively through Turkey--works in tandem with the electronic, industrial touches. Yet for all their cultural tourism, the Toronto-via-Windsor trio remains first and foremost a rock band. "Release" and "Emerald" are rare ballads, which Jeff Martin--the band's singer, principal songwriter, guitarist and producer--delivers plaintively in his bottomless baritone, ably supported by bassist-keyboardist Stuart Chatwood and drummer-percussionist Jeff Burrows

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