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Format: Compact Disc

Disc 1
1Wade In The Water - Chatter
2Wade In The Water
3I'm A Pilgrim
4Praying Ground
5Somebody -Chatter
8Amazing Grace
9Pass Me Not
10Oh Mary, Don't You Weep - Chatter
11Oh Mary, Don't You Weep
12Since I Met The Saviour
13God Is Standing By
14Lead Me To Calvary - Rehearsal
15Listen To The Angels Sing
16Don't Leave Me Alone
17Stand By Me Father
18Jesus Be A Fence Around Me
19Lead Me Jesus
20Free At Last
21Looking Back - Chatter
22Looking Back
23Born Again
24Wait On Jesus
25Time Brings About A Change
26Jesus Must Bear The Cross Alone
Disc 2
1Yield Not To Temptation - Chatter
2Yield Not To Temptation
3Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray
4Somewhere There's A God
5That's Heaven To Me
6You Send Me - Demo
7Just For You
8Somewhere There's A Girl
9You Were Made For Me
10When A Boy Falls In Love
11Soothe Me
12That's Where It's At - Chatter
13That's Where It's At
14Everybody Wants To Fall In Love
15Keep On Loving You
16I'll Always Be In Love With You
17Baby We've Got Love - Chatter
18Baby We've Got Love
19Baby, Lots Of Luck
20Put Me Down Easy
21Rome Wasn't Built In A Day
22Greazee Part I & II
23I Gopher You
24I Gopher You - Chatter
25You're Always On My Mind
26I Need Lots Of Love
27Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong
28Black Night
30You Can Run But You Can't Hide
31Meet Me At The Twisting Place - Chatter
32Meet Me At The Twisting Place
33Good Good Lovin'
34The Wobble
35Lookin' For A Love - Chattet
36Lookin' For A Love
37I've Got A Love For You
38I've Got A Girl - Chatter
39I've Got A Girl
40Tired Of Living In The Country
41It's All Over Now