Night MovesBob Seger

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Bob Seger was seven years into his recording career and a regional rock star in the Detroit area when he broke nationally in 1976 with a concert album, Live Bullet, and his best-ever studio album, Night Moves. The song "Night Moves" is a brawny rock ballad about coming-of-age sexually; the album itself built on the experience of Seger's previous work to find him maturing artistically. Seger's a powerful singer who's always believed in the traditional rock trimmings of a big beat accompanied by Chuck Berry figures on the guitar and hammering riffs on the piano. He deploys such techniques with equal assurance on an oldie ("Mary Lou") and on his own heavier rockers ("The Fire Down Below," "Sunspot Baby"). But it was with songs like "Mainstreet" and "Night Moves" that he found a way to address the frustrations and fun of the working class lives of his primary audience. And with the rip-roaring "Rock and Roll Never Forgets," he produced an anthem that would keep them rocking way past the age of consent
1Rock And Roll Never Forgets
2Night Moves
3The Fire Down Below
5Sunspot Baby
7Come To Poppa
8Ship Of Fools
9Mary Lou