Lets Get It OnMarvin Gaye

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Format: Vinyl LP

2008 reissue of his 1973 album Let's Get It On is his follow up to his 1970 political concept album, What's Going On? This CD includes 15 bonus tracks. Gaye left social concerns behind for those of a more initimate nature with this album which was a huge success. Originally released in 1973, this album broke new ground gaining its place in history as one of the most sexual albums ever recorded, laying the basis for every slow jam ever after and making Gaye both socially concerned and sexy, a potent commercial combination.
1Let's Get It On
2Please Stay (Once You Go Away)
3If I Should Die Tonight
4Keep Gettin' It On
5Come Get To This
6Distant Lover
7You Sure Love To Ball
8Just To Keep You Satisfied