Let It Bleed (LP)The Rolling Stones

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Format: Vinyl LP

One of the Stones' most beloved albums, 1969's Let It Bleed was a benchmark for several reasons. First, founding guitarist Brian Jones died during the recording process. Second, the Stones take their last significant look at pure blues (Robert Johnson's spooky "Love in Vain") and country ("Country Honk," the two-stepping alter ego of "Honky-Tonk Women") before folding both styles into a cohesive rock & roll vision. Third, it contains some of the band's most eerie hits, such as the flame-enveloped "Gimme Shelter," the drug-reality anthem "Monkey Man," the epic "You Can't Always Get What You Want," and Mick Jagger's menacing "Midnight Rambler." --Steve Knopper
LP Side A
2Love In Vain
3The Rolling Stones
4Country Honk
5Live With Me
6Let It Bleed
LP Side B
7Midnight Rambler
8You Got The Silver
9Monkey Man
10You Can't Always Get What You Want