Greatest Hits : The Best Of Everything (4LP)Tom Petty

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Format: Vinyl LP

"This collection of personal favorites and important milestones is the first anthology to span Petty's entire career, from the first album to Mudcrutch 2. The final track, "For Real," is a previously unreleased song not unlike the kind of intimate letter Petty often sent to friends or associates. In an e-mail world, he liked the look of pen on paper. It's an appropriate grace note to close this gathering of songs, chosen by Petty's closest band and family: Adria Petty, Dana Petty, Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench, and longtime studio collaborator Ryan Ulyate. It's a banquet, but it's also an appetizer. For the newer fans, let it be an invitation to get lost in the bounty of albums, all of them stocked with songs for every feel or occasion, quiet and loud, reverent and foolish, always deep and true. For every "Learning to Fly," or "Mary Jane's Last Dance," there's a "Walls" or a "You Wreck Me." Or an "American Dream Plan B." And why stop there? When was the last time you got all the way into The Last DJ? It all awaits you." � Cameron Crowe (excerpt from new package essay)