Gathered In Their Masses (DVD)Black Sabbath

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Format: Digital Video Disc

With the release of 2013's 13, metal deities Black Sabbath came back not just with their first studio album since 1995, but with a return to the inspired sludginess and demonic crunch of some of their classic early material. The band embarked on a massive tour in support of the album, and "Gathered in Their Masses" captures live performances from the first two kick-off gigs in Melbourne, Australia. All of the band's original members are present except drummer Bill Ward, and the group powered through set lists somewhat light on material from newer album 13, but padded generously with crowd favorites from the band's untouchable first six albums.
1War Pigs
2Into The Void
5Black Sabbath
6Behind The Wall Of Sleep
9Fairies Wear Boots
10Symptom Of The Universe
11Iron Man
12End Of The Beginning
13Children Of The Grave
14God Is Dead?
15Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Intro)/Paranoid