Burnin’ (Deluxe Edition)Bob Marley

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Format: Compact Disc

Disc 1
1Get Up, Stand Up
2Hallelujah Time
3I Shot The Sheriff
4Burnin' And Lootin'
5Put It On
6Small Axe
7Pass It On
8Duppy Conqueror
9One Foundation
10Rastaman Chant
11Reincarnated Soul
12No Sympathy
13The Oppressed Song
14Get Up, Stand Up
15Get Up, Stand Up
Disc 2
1Duppy Conqueror
2Slave Driver
3Burnin' And Lootin'
4Can't Blame The Youth
5Stop That Train
6Midnight Ravers
7No More Trouble
8Kinky Reggae
9Get Up, Stand Up
10Stir It Up
11Put It On
12Lively Up Yourself