Blues (3CD) (CD)Rory Gallagher

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Release date: May 31st, 2019

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Format: Compact Disc

A collection of rare and unreleased recordings of Rory Gallagher playing strictly blues material. It will range from previously unheard / unreleased tracks from Rory's archive, special guest sessions that with legendary blues artists (Muddy Waters / Albert King), lost radio sessions and more. There will be a deluxe 36-track 3CD version covering Rory playing electric, acoustic and live blues comprised of 94% unreleased material. Also coming is a 14-track 1CD / 2LP version of which 92% of the material will be unreleased.
1Don't Start Me Talkin'
2Nothin' But The Devil
3Tore Down
4Off The Handle
5I Could've Had Religion
6As The Crow Flies
7A Million Miles Away
8Should've Learnt My Lesson
9Leaving Town Blues
10Drop Down Baby
11I'm Ready
12Bullfrog Blues
1Who's That Coming?
2Should've Learnt My Lesson
3Prison Blues
4Secret Agent
5Blow Wind Blow
6Bankers Blues
7Whole Lot Of People
8Loanshark Blues
9Pistol Slapper Blues
10Can't Be Satisfied
11Want Ad Blues
12Walkin' Blues
1When MyBaby She Left Me
2Nothin' But The Devil
3What In The World
4I Wonder Who
5Messin' With The Kid
6Tore Down
7Garbage Man Blues
8All Around Man
9Born Under A Bad Sign
10You Upset Me, Baby
11Comin' Home Baby
12Rory Talking Blues