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The Northern Pikes To Release 30th Anniversary Of Big Blue Sky

The Northern Pikes are celebrating the 30th anniversary of their classic debut album with a new edition of Big Blue Sky (Super-Sized), out October 6.

The set will return as a triple album on coloured 3LP or 2CD set, featuring hit singles like “Teenland”, “Things I Do For Money” and “Dancing In A Dance Club.”

Alongside the original tracks, 10 previously unreleased demo songs plus a full-length live show at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto in 1986 will be included.

The band is setting out across Canada in support of the 30th anniversary of Big Blue Sky, playing a string of 27 dates from coast-to-coast. Take a look at tour dates below.

Here’s the Big Blue Sky (Super-Sized) track list for the 3LP edition:

LP1 [Big Blue Sky Remastered] – BLUE

Side A

You Sold The Farm
Things I Do For Money
Just Another Guy
Dancing In A Dance Club

Side B

Jackie T
Lonely House
Love And A Muscle
Never Again
Big Blue Sky

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Long Time Running

Watch: The Tragically Hip’s ‘Long Time Running’ Documentary Trailer

The Tragically Hip documentary we’ve all been waiting for has released a trailer.

‘Long Time Running’, centres around The Hip’s 2016 Man Machine Poem tour, gives fans an inside look to the behind-the-scenes with emotional interviews with the band members.

The film will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival this September and get a wider release on September 14.

Watch the trailer below:

“I would have loved to say thank you, face to face to face, to everybody somehow,” says lead singer Gord Downie. Fans were stunned by the May 2016 announcement that Downie had terminal brain cancer, with fans clamoring to see the band live on what could be their last tour. (more…)

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Pete Townshend Scoop

Pete Townshend’s Scoop Series: Revisiting The Revealing Gibson Interview

Pete Townshend‘s Scoop series (comprised of Scoop, Another Scoop, and Scoop 3) features a multitude of demos, outtakes and unreleased material by Townshend and The Who.

For fans of the guitarist and The Who, it provided a rare insight into the recording process of the band’s biggest hits.

In 2002, Townshend gave an interview to Gibson about the set, going even further into the mind of a creative genius and explaining the reason behind the release.

Take a look at some of the excerpts below:

What was the motivation behind releasing the first Scoop CD, back in 1983?

I’m not quite sure what I was up to back then. I know that I was listening to a kind of draft Scoop that Spike [Helen Wilkins, Townshend’s editor and producer] had put together for me during the last Who tour in 1982, so it must have been a project I began to get interested in while The Who were still in their first phase, prior to first breaking up. I think I partly wanted to debunk the myth that my demos were better than The Who versions of my songs. Many demos had been released in various forms at various times, and many were bootlegged. What was clear was that my demos were often just different in some essential way to The Who version.

I also wrote music that The Who would never ordinarily record, and I thought I would like the world to hear that, too. It’s hard to say whether the collection works in either sense. Who fans buy this stuff. They aren’t all ready to indulge my idea of myself as a free spirit, musically speaking, but the collection sold 200,000 double albums. That was a gross of about $3 million. There were no recording costs, and no cash advances from the record company to me over and above what I normally received for my regular solo albums, so everyone was happy.


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Five Songs For The Solar Eclipse

Happy solar eclipse!

Today, North America will be treated to an eclipse of the sun.

NASA says an eclipse takes place when “tone heavenly body such as a moon or planet moves into the shadow of another heavenly body.”

Today’s will happen when the moon passes between the sun and the earth.

Whether you’ve prepared your goggles to view the event or not, here are five songs to get you ready.

5. U2 – “Staring At The Sun”

4. Bruce Springsteen – “Dancing In The Dark”


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