Weezer In 20 Songs

10 albums in to their career, Weezer has carved out a special place in our hearts.

The band’s charming sing-a-long pop rock songs weasel their way into your headspace on first listen and refuse to leave.

With the debut of their first album in 1994, the self-titled album commonly known as The Blue Album, they proved to be a success right out of the gate.

With an estimated 9.7 million albums sold in the United States and 17 million worldwide, the band has continued to wow crowds 20 years onward.

Lead singer Rivers Cuomo turns 47 today. To celebrate the milestone, we’re looking at the band’s 20 most significant songs to celebrate their legacy!

What’s your favourite track from Rivers and the boys? Let us know in the comments below!

20. Photograph

19. Beverly Hills


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Iggy Pop’s 20 Best Songs

Is there anybody more rock ‘n roll than Iggy Pop?

His controversial stage antics and reckless abandon has captivated us since day one, whether it’s with the Stooges or as a solo artist.

Collaborative projects, like The Idiot and Lust For Life with David Bowie and Post Pop Depression with Josh Homme have pushed Iggy into unfamiliar territory, which has resulted in some of his best projects in his catalogue.

With the rerelease of three classic Iggy albums coming back on vinyl, we’re looking at 20 of the punk icon’s greatest hits.

20. Loco Mosquito

19. Gardenia


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Stevie Nicks

Happy Birthday Stevie Nicks! Fleetwood Mac’s 20 Best Songs

Happy birthday Stevie Nicks! The Fleetwood Mac singer turns 69 today.

While the ups and downs of the band were well-documented, one thing is for certain: they continued to top the charts and defy all expectations, selling over 100 million records during the group’s career.

To celebrate Stevie, we’re looking at 20 of our the best Fleetwood Mac songs:

20. “Seven Wonders”

19. “Landslide”


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May Two-Four

The Ultimate May Two-Four Playlist

May Two-Four weekend is almost here!

Whether you’re at the cottage sipping a cold one on the dock, or hanging out in the comfort of your own home, one thing is for certain: this weekend is made for relaxing.

We asked the MusicVaultz community what their favourite long weekend songs were. We received over 850 submissions!

Big thanks to Chris M. from Hamilton, ON, who was drawn as the winner of our May Two-Four prize pack featuring a BBQ, wireless speaker, tent, and more!

His recommendation kicks off 20 songs that are essential for May Two-Four:

Kim Mitchell – Go For Soda

Submitted by: Chris M., Hamilton ON

The Tragically Hip – Bobcaygeon

Submitted by: Justin D., Welland ON


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Donna Summer large

Donna Summer: Her 20 Best Songs

Today we look back on the legacy of Donna Summer, the iconic disco singer who passed away five years ago today.

Summer has an incredible list of accomplishments:

– Five-time Grammy Award winner
– The first artist to have three consecutive double albums reach #1 on the Billboard 200
– Four number-one singles in the U.S. within a 12-month period
– Sold over 100 million records worldwide
– 32 hit singles on the Billboard Hot 100; 14 of those reached the Top 10
– A Top 40 hit every year from 1975 to 1984

“The Queen of Disco”, as Donna would be known as thanks to her domination of the genre, proved to be unstoppable.

To celebrate her incredible successes, here are 20 of our favourite Donna Summer songs:

20. “Could It Be Magic”

19. “Winter Melody”


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