Music Video 90s

20 Best Music Videos Of The ’90s

With the ushering in of MTV in the early ’80s, the advancements in film technology meant the ’90s were a blank canvas for incredible music videos.

Some pushed the ethical boundaries, covering controversial topics. Others marveled with technical aspects and animation. Others were just beautifully shot visuals that paired perfectly with a timeless song.

Here are our favourite music videos of the ’90s:

20. Foo Fighters – “Everlong” (1997)

19. Sinead O’ Connor – “Nothing Compares 2 U” (1990)

18. Jamiroquai – “Virtual Insanity” (1996)


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The 20 Essential Piano Songs

Elton John is celebrating a big birthday today! The legendary singer turns 70.

John is still going strong–he released his latest album, Wonderful Crazy Night, last year to rave reviews from Rolling Stone, The Independent, and The Guardian.

Elton is not only recognized by his powerful pipes, but he’s known for his piano prowess. The Red Piano was a tour that started with a Las Vegas residency featuring the signature scarlet grand piano seen above.

To honour the man behind the keys, we’re counting down our Top 20 favourite songs featuring the piano.  Did your favourite make the list? Let us know in the comments below!

20. The Beatles – Hey Jude

19. Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road


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The Top 20 Telephone Anthems

The telephone was patented this week in 1876 by none other than Canadian innovator Alexander Graham Bell.

Thanks to this nifty little invention, music fans have been able to do so much more. Things like calling our loved ones about new records being released, order concert tickets remotely, and even take our music on-the-go with us… it’s been an incredible 141 years since!

Bell’s contribution to society has also affected the way musicians write songs: once distant lovers can now be reached on a whim (or they can ignore voicemails much easier…)

Even as phones have become smaller, more portable, and closer to our hip than ever, it still continues to be a focal point in many lyrics.

Phones have inspired many countless hits, and we’re counting down our Top 20 landline anthems!

Blondie – Call Me

Todd Rundgren – Hello It’s Me

The Beatles – Hello, Goodbye


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Happy Birthday, Bon Jovi: 20 Essential Songs

It’s Jon Bon Jovi‘s birthday! Can you believe he turns 56 today?

The singer-songwriter has sold over 130 million albums worldwide with his band, solidifying his place as one of the highest-selling musicians of all-time. His two solo albums and twelve studio albums with his band have broken chart records over the last four decades, starting with his first self-titled album that hit shelves in 1984.

While the self-titled debut sold over 3.5 million copies worldwide, it wasn’t until 1986’s Slippery When Wet that Bon Jovi shot up the charts and into legendary status: Slippery has sold over 28 million units across the globe. Even his greatest hits compilation, 1994’s Cross Road has sold over 21.5 million copies!

To celebrate all of Jovi’s milestones, and his 55th year gracing the world with his talent, we’ve compiled twenty essential songs perfect for any occasion!

20. We Weren’t Born To Follow

19. Who Says You Can’t Go Home


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Valentine's Day

20 Love Songs To Soundtrack Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovebirds!

Regardless if your relationship status is single or taken, February 14 serves as a reminder to spend it with the people we love.

On such a sentimental day, we’ve rounded up 20 songs that capture the feeling of euphoria that Valentine’s Day brings.

What’s your favourite love song? Let us know in the comments below.

20. “(Love Is) Thicker Than Water” – Andy Gibb

19. “Love Rollercoaster” – The Ohio Players


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