Billy Gibbons Releases New Song “Missin’ Yo’ Kissin”

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Billy Gibbons has released a brand-new song.

The ZZ Top frontman unleashed the lyric video for “Missin’ Yo’ Kissin”, which will appear on his second solo album The Big Bad Blues.

“That was a gift,” Gibbons said when speaking to Billboard. “We had gotten maybe five (songs) recorded, and my lovely sweetheart Gilligan was scribbling away on the couch. I was, ‘Omigod, she’s reading the Chanel catalog. Hide the credit card!’ Then she took a break and the engineers kinda glanced over the scribbling and said, ‘Hey man, this looks pretty good. This could be nice and bluesy if we put something to it,’ which we did.”

Some of the lyrics that play into the theme include:

“Well flowers okay,
It’s all about what you say,
Sweets will do,
Diamonds will too”

The Big Bad Blues is out September 21. Take a look at the full tracklist below:

1. “Missin’ Yo’ Kissin’”
2. “My Baby She Rocks”
3. “Second Line”
4. “Standing Around Crying”
5. “Let The Left Hand Know…”
6. “Bring It To Jerome”
7. “That’s What She Said”
8. “Mo’ Slower Blues”
9. “Hollywood 151”
10. “Rollin’ and Tumblin’”
11. “Crackin’ Up”

What do you think of “”Missin’ Yo’ Kissin”? Are you excited to hear Billy’s second album in full? Let us know in the comments below!

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