Celebrating The Beatles’ ‘Yellow Submarine’ Animated Film

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Back in 1968, the Beatles’ animated film Yellow Submarine made waves.

The movie takes place in Pepperland, a sunny paradise where music abounds, thanks to the watchful guidance of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The land is attacked by the Blue Meanies, a horde of monsters that hate music. They drain the entire nation of colour, turn its residents to statues, and pummel them with green apples (an ode to Apple Records.)

The movie featured high profile voice actors like John Clive as John, Geoffrey Hughes as Paul, Peter Batten as George and Paul Angelis as Ringo.

Over 200 animators worked on the movie over a span of 11 months. The Beatles’ animated personas came from the promotional video of “Strawberry Fields Forever.” Keen-eyed fans will notice Paul does not have his moustache in his cartoon rendition.

The movie was received well by both fans and critics. Yellow Submarine was showered with praise for its animation quality, psychedelic visuals, and soundtrack pairing. It was a box-office hit around the globe.

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