MTV Unplugged

The 15 MTV Unplugged Specials You Need To See

MTV Unplugged brought music and intimacy into our living rooms, shortening the distance between fan and superstar.

With its debut in 1989, Unplugged cut the cords, the volume, and the screaming crowds; it was a way to see many of our favourite artists up-close and personal.

One exciting facet was how the show never followed a script–legendary acts and modern rockers alike had episodes. Nirvana even brought in electric guitar for their performance of “The Man Who Sold The World”–and thank God they did. The echoing reverb of the weeping guitar plucks sounded incredible.

If you’re looking to turn your Tuesday down a couple notches and relax, here are our top five picks of the best Unplugged specials ever:

15. Alanis Morissette

14. The Cranberries

13. Alice In Chains

12. The Eagles

11. Bruce Springsteen

10. Aerosmith

9. Rod Stewart

8. Neil Young

7. Bon Jovi

6. Kiss

5. Pearl Jam

4. Paul McCartney

3. Jimmy Page & Robert Plant

2. Eric Clapton

1. Nirvana

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