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Paul McCartney Deletes Instagram Feed, Posts Cryptic Photo

What is Paul McCartney planning?

The rocker has fans guessing what he’s up to with a cryptic image posted across his social media channels.

A post shared by Paul McCartney (@paulmccartney) on

On his Instagram page, McCartney wiped all of his other photos to put the symbol front and centre.

Fans were eager to understand what the clue meant:

Some fans think the messaging wasn’t intentional…

McCartney was also spotted filming some type of segment with late-night talk show host James Corden. The singer hit up The Philharmonic pub to perform in front of 50 fans.

Whether the social media image and filming have anything to do with one another remains to be seen.

Only time, or word from McCartney himself, will tell.

What do you think the cryptic message means? Let us know in the comments below!

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