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Watch Deep Purple Prank Camera Crew In Hilarious ’80s Clip

Deep Purple would be high on our list for “best band to go on tour with”, and this vintage clip proves it.

The band has shared a backstage video before playing a show at London’s Wembley Stadium back in 1987. In it, the members prank an MTV camera crew hoping to capture the action, but Deep Purple prevent them from passing through.

“Deep Purple having a little fun with the press at their infamous 1987 Wembley show,” said the band’s spokesperson in a statement. “The band were on tour supporting The House Of Blue Light album. They are being helped out by their friend, Don Bernstein from the Hard Rock Cafe. Ritchie Blackmore refused to play the encore and the band played ‘Smoke On The Water’ without him. Purple were always on the edge which gave it the excitement that we know of today. Enjoy!”

Watch the hilarious prank below:

Rumours circulated Blackmore might make a return to Deep Purple, having quit the band while on tour in 1993. However, nothing has ever come to fruition.

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