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U2’s The Joshua Tree: Take The Pilgrimage!

U2‘s The Joshua Tree turns 31 this week, and fans are flocking to the site of the album cover for tribute photos.

U2 diehards are taking the pilgrimage to Joshua Tree National Park will be disappointed to find the tree no longer stands (it collapsed and died sometime around 2000.)

Regardless, the park is a site to behold: it’s bigger than Rhode Island, and its picturesque landscapes will make your jaw drop.

Speaking with The Mercury News, Bryan Simmering says it’s always been his dream to visit.

“I was 27 when (rock group U2’s) ‘Joshua Tree’ came out. And I decided I have to go there one day,” he said, looking at the small lake formed by Barker Dam in the national park as large as Rhode Island.

“This place really exceeded my expectations,” he said. “I thought we would come up here and breeze right through this … it is an amazing place.”

Take a look at some fan photos below:

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Want to make the trek to find the site of ‘The Joshua Tree’? Watch the video below and find detailed instructions by clicking here.

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