Paul Simon Birthday Farewell

Happy Birthday Paul Simon! His 20 Best Songs

Happy birthday, Paul Simon! The legendary singer-songwriter turns 76 today.

As one-half of Simon & Garfunkel, the singer contributed to legendary songs like “Cecilia”, “My Little Town” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

But he also carved a path on his own after the duo dissolved, most notably his 1986 album Graceland, which sold 16 million copies worldwide.

Most recently, Paul Simon released Stranger to Stranger last year, and performed last month with Billy Joel and Miley Cyrus at Joel’s Madison Square Garden concert.

To celebrate his legacy, we’re counting down Paul Simon’s 20 best songs–both with Garfunkel and on his solo endeavours.

20. Simon & Garfunkel – “At the Zoo”

19. Paul Simon – “Slip Slidin’ Away”

18. Simon & Garfunkel – “Scarborough Fair”

17. Paul Simon – “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover”

16. Simon & Garfunkel – “My Little Town”

15. Paul Simon – “Loves Me Like a Rock”

14. Simon & Garfunkel – “Cecilia”

13. Paul Simon – “Late in the Evening”

12. Simon & Garfunkel – “The Boxer”

11. Paul Simon – “The Boy in the Bubble”

10. Simon & Garfunkel – “I Am a Rock”

9. Paul Simon – “Mother and Child Reunion”

8. Simon & Garfunkel – “Homeward Bound”

7. Paul Simon – “The Obvious Child”

6. Simon & Garfunkel – “The Sound of Silence”

5. Paul Simon – “Kodachrome”

4. Simon & Garfunkel – “Mrs. Robinson”

3. Paul Simon – “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard”

2. Simon & Garfunkel – “Bridge over Troubled Water”

1. Paul Simon – “You Can Call Me Al”

Happy birthday, Paul Simon!

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