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Stadium Full of Florida Football Fans Pay Tribute To Tom Petty

Thousands of spectators at a college football game in Gainesville, Florida joined together for a stirring sing-along of Tom Petty‘s “I Won’t Back Down.”

Petty was born and raised in Gainesville, and the news of his death on October 2 riled up the crowd to pay tribute with a massive cover before the Florida Gators game against Louisiana State University.

“Let’s celebrate together what he meant to the world of music and what he meant to this community,” said Florida Athletic Director Scott Stricklin in a release before the game. “Since we are already singing ‘We are the Boys,’ let’s go right from that into one of his great anthems and make that the way we are going to jointly celebrate Tom Petty and the Gators.”

The singalong was accompanied by a video tribute playing on screens in the stadium.

“I credit our fans that show up and cheer our guys on. And to see that after ‘We Are the Boys,’ and to hear that place in unison – that was, it was special,” said Gators Coach Jim McElwain. “Credit goes to the people who put it together, and more than that, the response then of the fans.”

Watch the full video below:

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