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Did You Know Robert Plant Opened Up For Dee Snider?

It’s true… well, kind of.

During an episode of Dee Snider Radio, guest Robert Plant sparked Snider’s memory of a funny incident that happened with the two rock stars.

Both parties had been invited to Phil Carson’s (a former Atlantic Records executive who managed the Twisted Sister frontman) son’s wedding on April 17, 1998.

When walking into the wedding reception, Snider saw a live band performing, and vowed with Plant that they would not get up on stage to perform. They both HATED singing at weddings. Their plan was to escape the reception and go after being noticed without getting behind the mic.

While Snider was getting ready to leave, he saw Plant belting out “Jailhouse Rock”, followed by two more tracks. When asked by Carson if he was getting up on-stage, Snider remembered that Plant hated hearing Led Zeppelin songs, so he got up and played “Rock ‘N Roll” with the wedding band to get Robert back for foiling the plan.

Plant got up and sang just the last word of “Rock ‘N Roll” (‘time!’) to even the score.

This makes for one of the most memorable weddings ever!

Listen to Snider recount the incident below (around the 9:00 mark):

Who would you want to sing at your wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

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