15 Greatest Rock Star Mugshots

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Rock stars: They’re just like us.

Some play it safe and steer clear of trouble, while others sometimes find their wrists in handcuffs.

Unfortunately, unlike us, when mugshots gets taken, it hits the newspapers across the globe.

Here are 15 of the best photos:

Frank Sinatra

Mugshot Frank Sinatra

Axl Rose

Mugshot Axl Rose

Johnny Cash

Mugshot Johnny Cash

Steven Tyler

Mugshot Steven Tyler

Sid Vicious

Mugshot Sid Vicious

James Brown

Mugshot James Brown

Ozzy Osbourne

Mugshot Ozzy Osbourne

Elvis Presley

Mugshot Elvis Presley

Mick Jagger

Mugshot Mick Jagger

Kurt Cobain

Mugshot Kurt Cobain


Prince Mugshots

Jimi Hendrix

Mugshot Jimi Hendrix

Vince Neil

Mugshot Vince Neil

Billie Joe Armstrong

Mugshot Billie Joe

Nikki Sixx

Mugshot Niki Sixx

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