10 Hilarious Moments From The Osbournes

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Nobody has a potty mouth quite like Ozzy Osbourne. The Black Sabbath singer showcased his colourful language throughout his reality show with the rest of his family, The Osbournes, from 2002-2005.

Documenting their hectic lives and day-to-day interactions, the show highlighted just how differently a rock star’s day is compare to us regular folk (and in some ways, how they’re identical.)

While it seems like a lifetime ago the show was actually on the air, here are ten of the most hilarious moments from the series, courtesy of Ozzy himself:

10. When bubbles weren’t metal enough for Ozzy:


(via internetbf, Tumblr)

9. When Ozzy proclaimed his first (and very important) Commandment:


8. When Ozzy questioned the circle of life:


7. When Ozzy switched career paths:


6. When a body of water got on Ozzy’s bad side:


5. When Ozzy read a goodnight story as old as time:


4. When Ozzy offered up some quintessential advice:


3. When Ozzy’s dog proved to fare better than bubbles:


2. When Ozzy offered a glimpse of what he could be like on American Idol:


1. When Ozzy shared these loving words for Sharon:


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