Havana Moon

Rolling Stones’ Havana Moon Coming to DVD, Blu-Ray

With a remarkable career of six decades (and counting), do The Rolling Stoness have any more boundaries to push?

On 25 March 2016, they proved they did. The band broke yet another record when they became the first band to play a large-scale free concert in the Cuban capital of Havana.

Ensuring that Good Friday kicked off an excellent weekend in the rapidly transforming country, the event saw 1.2 million Stones fans gather at the Coliseo De La Ciudad Deportiva.

The two-hour concert that left the audience exhilarated and ensured another world’s first for “The Greatest Rock and Roll Band In The World”.

On 11 November, The Rolling Stones’ Havana Moon will be released by Eagle Rock. Directed by Grammy-nominated director Paul Dugdale, it’s a high-octane documents of the Stones’ first ever show in Cuba. It’ll showcase the rock gods’ slew of classic hits, including ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’, and ‘Gimme Shelter’.

The concert took place just days after President Obama became the first US president to visit Cuba in 88 years. Many joked that Obama was the Stones’ “warm up act”. By the time the final notes rang out, it was clear the Stones’ solidified their place in Cuba history.

A limited-edition four-disc version of Havana Moon will feature the DVD, Blu-ray, and 2CD housed in a 60-page 12”x12” book.

Scroll down to watch the trailer and read the DVD track-listing, and order the deluxe edition here:

Havana Moon – Trailer


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The Top 30 Original Singer-Songwriters

When it comes to pioneers of music, this list is essential.

The singer-songwriter genre confirms the artist writes, composes, and performs their own material. One-man or one-woman shows, if you will.

While the beginning stages usually encompassed folk-acoustic, it’s since branched out and evolved alongside the difference branches of musical genres.

Take a look at our top 30 original singer-songwriters below:

Van Morrison


Gordon Lighfoot

SCANNED FROM THE TORONTO STAR LIBRARY *U42 GRAPHIC Gordon Lightfoot. Photo taken by Doug Griffin June 11, 1976.


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Moth Into Flame

Watch: Metallica’s “Moth Into Flame” Music Video

Metallicais steamrolling ahead after laying low for eight years. The thrashers are back with “Moth Into Flame”, a new music video that has the band performing in a low-lit room.

The song will live on Hardwired, Metallica’s two-disc record, set to be released November 18.

It is the band’s first studio album since Death Magnetic was released in 2008–the longest gap between two studio albums for the band. 

Watch the video here:

Metallica – “Moth Into Flame”


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The Beach Boys Find A New Groove On Sunflower LP

When the Beach Boys1970 release Sunflower, their first on their own Brother label via Reprise, came out as their 16th studio album in just eight years, it highlighted a dichotomy. The reviews for it were generally extremely positive, and the record’s reputation among fans and media has only grown in later years. But at the time, it became their least successful LP to date.

Sunflower backTrue to its title, Sunflower featured a generally upbeat and sunny selections by various writing combinations within the group. As had been the case on the group’s late 1960s albums Friends and20/20, Dennis Wilson had a fairly prominent songwriting role alongside his brother Brian, contributing ‘Slip On Through’ on his own and co-writing three others tracks.

Brian had one solo credit on the album, ‘This Old World,’ elsewhere co-writing with Mike Love, Al Jardine, brother Carl and others. But perhaps the two most memorable selections on Sunflower were Bruce Johnston’s songs ‘Deirdre,’ written with Brian, and the solo offering ‘Tears In The Morning.’ Even if he went on to express reservations about the suitability of the two songs to the group,  Bruce later described Sunflower as his favourite Beach Boys album.

two-laneThe record was released at the end of August, by which time Dennis was much involved with filming the Easy Rider-inspired road movie for Universal with James Taylor, Two-Lane Blacktop.The new album made its US chart debut at an unspectacular No. 162 on 26 September, 1970 and peaked at a paltry No. 151 in a mere four-week run. Neither ‘Add Some Music To Your Day’ nor the double-sided ‘Slip On Through’ and ‘This Whole World,’ released as advance singles, made the charts, and nor did two 45s released after the album.


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The Final Countdown

Old Computer Covers “The Final Countdown” With Bleeps & Bloops

Europe‘s “The Final Countdown” is an epic 80s anthem that never goes out of style.

And now, some technology from the era is resurrecting the song in a nostalgia-drenched cover.

The Floppotron by Paweł Zadrożniak combines multiple computer hardware to create a symphony of sounds.

You’re probably wondering… how does the iconic intro sound? All the components come together to form a chorus of bleeps and bloops to make one impressive cover… with no humans involved!

Watch the Floppotron work its magic below:

Floppotron – “The Final Countdown” (Europe Cover)


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