Soundgarden Members Play First Show Since Chris Cornell’s Death

Soundgarden members Kim Thayli and Matt Cameron will play their first show since the death of lead singer Chris Cornell.

The two will play together at Denmark’s Northside Festival on June 8 as part of MC50, inspired by MC5. They’ll be joined by MC5’s Wayne Kramer, Thayil, Fugazi’s Brendan Canty, King’s X’s Dug Pinnick and Zen Gorilla’s Marcus Durant.

The band will go on the MC50 U.S. tour to celebrate the band’s 50th anniversary, which will include a performance of its 1969 debut LP.

Cornell committed suicide in May 2017, with a coroner’s report ruling that “drugs did not contribute to the cause of death.” His widow Vicky has insisted that his prescription drugs must have played a part. (more…)

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15 Artists Who Have Advocated For Legalizing Marijuana

Happy 4/20! The ultimate day to celebrate pot started in 1971, when a group of California teens agreed to get high by meeting at 4:20PM.

The story of their daily hangout soon spread, and 4:20 became an unofficial time to pass a joint around. Eventually, April 20th was denoted as a day for pot smokers to celebrate their favourite pastime.

Whether it’s for writing inspiration or simply to mellow out, it’s no secret that plenty of musicians love to visit their friend Mary Jane. We’re looking at 15 artists who have worn their love for left-handed cigarettes on their sleeves.


In 2010, Sting penned a Huffington Post column titled “Let’s End The War On Drugs.”

“For too long, the War on Drugs has been a sacrosanct undertaking that was virtually immune from criticism in the public realm,” Sting wrote. “Any activist who spoke up was dismissed as a fringe element.”

Willie Nelson

Willie is no stranger to being the face of pot (Snoop Dogg has said he’s the only person to have ever outsmoked him), and he’s been on the frontlines to get marijuana legalized.

During a 2015 Billboard interview, Nelson said:

“When it comes to pot, the dark ages may finally be behind us. It has been 25 years since I campaigned for Gatewood Galbrath, a Lexington, Ky., lawyer running for governor with a let’s-legalize-pot policy. We lost that battle, but now it looks like we’re winning the war. The decriminalization of marijuana is a growing and unstoppable movement.”


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Tom Cochrane Releases Powerful Tribute To Honour Humboldt Broncos

Tom Cochrane is paying tribute to a Canadian tragedy that rocked the nation. Cochrane has reworked one of his classic songs as “Big League (For Humboldt)” to honour Saskatchewan-based hockey team the Humboldt Broncos.

The singer initially altered the lyrics during a performance at the TSN Hockey: Playoff preview special last Tuesday in front of a backdrop featuring the team’s colours. It is now available everywhere.

“This single is dedicated to the Humboldt Broncos and their families, never to be forgotten,” said Cochrane in a statement.


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Prince Memoir

Prince Memoir Coming This Year

The Prince memoir fans have been clamouring for will be released before the end of the year.

The late singer submitted 50 pages of The Beautiful One before he passed two years ago at the age of 57.

Working with author Dan Pipenbring, publishing agent Esther Newberg has continued work on the project and is confident it will be available ‘just in time for the holiday season.’

When it was initially announced, the book was described as “an unconventional and poetic journey through [Prince’s] life and creative work”.


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carl douglas kung fu fighting

What Happened To…? One-Hit Wonder Carl Douglas

In 1974, it was hard to find somebody, ANYBODY, who wasn’t “Kung-Fu Fighting“. Thanks to Jamaican recording artist Carl Douglas‘ smash-single, dancefloors were filled with people chopping the air and high kicking. Not to mention singing along with that unforgettable flute part.

In 1974, Douglas was working with producer Biddu and needed to drum up a B-Side for another song. In 10 minutes, “Kung Fu Fighting” came together.

The song hit #1 on both the UK Singles Charts and the Billboard Hot 100, and eventually sold over 11 million copies worldwide. (more…)

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